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About Mackeen


Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions

Mackeen was formed by individuals with proven experience in cybersecurity who saw an opportunity to create a different type of company. Mackeen has regional headquarters in Dubai , with operations in other key Middle East , and northern africa markets to serve clients with tailored, customized solutions. Our management team brings significant experience, and our programmers are among the most creative in the industry.

Looking at the marketplace, we saw the need for a flexible and dynamic company with comprehensive and innovative solutions that serve the changing needs of today’s clients. Very few providers were offering the full slate of technology and service solutions required to connect technology to its human application.

We set out to acquire and integrate small but innovative companies with strong reputations in their specialties that had promising technologies in line with current and future requirements. Mackeen is playing a pivotal role in managing, integrating and developing these companies to allow them to conduct the R&D necessary to develop the technology further. This variety of innovative technology yields an unmatched portfolio of services and solutions to Mackeen customers across the spectrum of cyber security.

Introducing Mackeen . Decisive Technology.


Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions  Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions

Mackeen is a dynamic company with a mission to create bespoke technology and flexible solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients. Decisive Technology to meet the needs of today’s complex and ever-changing challenges and threats faced by governments, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. We are partners, understanding the pressures and stresses our clients face securing their data and assets in today’s changing world. We are software engineers and security experts with a hold on reality.
We have created an integrated offer, based on client need rather than selling off-the-shelf products. It’s putting together the right package of tools and services to accomplish client objectives. We’re collaborative, and mission-focused partners. It’s not just about survival of systems, it’s about resiliency and pre-empting issues before they become problems.