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Mackeen Academy: Training for Success


Much of the existing cybersecurity training is product-based but offers little or no greater context. Trainers mostly focus on particular products, but they are less well equipped to explain the broader implications for the real-world. Our answer to this is the Mackeen Academy, which is staffed by expert instructors – working cybersecurity professionals with unrivaled records of practical applications of technology in the real world. They are not ivory-tower academics; they are not salespeople.

Mackeen ’s involvement in customer projects almost invariably extends beyond handover; our consultants strive to ensure that your staff is empowered to get maximum value from your investment. This means providing them with a real measure of professional development. We are in the business of helping organisations stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology and best practices. Comprehensive, tailored training programmes that include practical exercises and real life simulations leave our clients and partners ready for future challenges.

From protection to investigation and analytics, our training programmes can be tailored to your exact requirements. Contact us for more information.

Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions

If you would like further information about Mackeen Academy, or to inquire about specific training programmes please enter your information in the form below. Our training programmes are based on the needs of our clients, so we look forward to hearing your needs.

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