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Mackeen Investigation – Beyond Traditional Forensics

Digital forensics involves the recovery and analysis of data from different digital sources. Originally limited to computers, digital forensics quickly evolved to cover other type of devices capable of leaving digital footprints, such as mobile phones and tablets. As we transition into a digital economy, data is now stored and exchanged beyond physical devices as well as in the cloud – massive, centralized collection points operating via networks. This innovation makes it more difficult for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to collect relevant information to use as evidence during ongoing investigations. With the proliferation of new technologies such as cloud based services, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, investigators are facing the challenge of accessing, processing and analizing a constantly growing volume of digital information using traditional forensics techniques.

Many aspects of the digital age are positive and offer society previously unfathomable ease in sharing information and conducting business. It also gives individuals and groups the opportunity to undermine trust and security. The sheer volume of data presents a problem as well as an opportunity. Compounded by the vastness of the Internet, making sense of the information takes a significant level of system development and advanced analytical technology. That is where Mackeen empowers its customers to tackle local and global cybersecurity concerns through investigative tools and processes with unrivalled technology. We are here to help you collect the most relevant and required data in a timely and secure manner.

Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions

Innovative Prioprietary Technology for Intelligent Investigation.

Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions  Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions

Comperehensive and Fully Integrated Technology Solution.

Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions  Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions  Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions

Designed for the Digital Age, Fuelled by a Growing Volume of Data.

Computer Forensics

Mackeen offers a complete line of forensic services and solutions, including litigation consulting, electronic discovery and forensic casework software. We recognize the challenge that current and future technologies impose and strive to not only meet, but also anticipate, those needs. It is our goal to provide exceptional and innovative products and services to help simplify the legal and technical challenges faced in today’s world by providing only the best software available to our clients.

Mobile Forensics

Mackeen offers an arsenal of mobile forensics tools for your Lab, with hardware and software applications for the field also available. We are proud to provide you with tools of exceptional quality from world leading suppliers who share your interest and goals, and who are motivated towards excellence with zero compromise. Our tools are globally recognized and respected in law enforcement, national and international labs providing mobile forensics services. Our tools are capable many functions various types of file extractions that an investigator may require, as well as other applications for physical extractions, logical, passwords, and deleted files for example, but certainly not restricted to purely desktop. We also cover a range of other services and are able to extract data from a variety of mobile devices such as cellular phones, tablets and hand-held GPS devices. The tools also support powerful phone code bypass applications for many mobile phone manufacturers. Additional analytical tools may also be supplied enhance your investigation by identifying the critical relationship a client’s case and its needs to accelerate its productivity and efficiency in the extraction of data and the ultimate resolution of your case.

Network Forensics

Move your system-based forensic knowledge to the next level. Provide accurate findings, incorporate network evidence into your investigations, and get the job done faster. Mackeen provides a comprehensive toolkit of network forensics applications to capture, investigate and analyse any incident or security breach in your network and promptly respond to any interruptions and mitigate the risk by updating your security framework to global standards, permitting you to work professionally and productively

Cloud Forensics

Cloud environments pose unique digital forensics challenges and Mackeen has the professional capabilities needed to navigate this complex area. We have experience working with companies to secure and monitor their cloud environment and manage distributed data challenges that are constantly evolving.

Audio & Video Forensics

includes audio/video forensic enhancement, audio/video authentication and voice identification. Where did the evidence come from? Who created the recording that is being entered into evidence? These are the questions any forensics investigator shall ask, but without the right tools, he will be unable to answer any of these questions confidently. The difference between solving a case and failing to is highly dependant on the quality of the tools the practitioner chooses to apply during the case. Mackeen has partnered with leaders in this niche of investigation to offer clients tools that will increase the accuracy and credibility of the individual using them by providing first class hardware and software. Choosing to allow us to stock your inventory with the most powerful tools will make you a formidable and efficient investigator. Knowledge is power, and Mackeen will provide it.

Data Recovery

Mackeen will provide a state of the art Data Recovery Lab to perform data recovery for Damaged hard drives, memory sticks and any kind of media storage devices. Mackeen has the expertise to build your flexible and scalable lab including clean room facilities, full equipment inventory with the latest software and hardware, allowing you to perform your work to the highest standards. Mackeen also provide a Data Recovery Training, provision, and mentoring services to ensure that the lab will be able to achieve the optimal success rate in recovering data in the shortest possible time.