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Mackeen Strategy

In today’s world, it is difficult to know exactly how to approach protecting your organisation and its assets while benefiting the communities and citizens that you serve. Which solutions would work best for your organisation? What have others done? What is the state of the art, or even better – what is next? How do you stay ahead of threats? Our consultative approach to the customer, embodied in our proven methodology Agilis (derived from the Latin for agile), gives you peace of mind in making important decisions about protecting your critical assets. Based on our experience, industry expertise and best practices, Agilis guides each and every customer consultation – from identifying the challenges to ensuring proper deployment of services and technologies and to continuing support after sale. We understand that your investment may also require training of staff for sustainability. Mackeen Strategy experts will work with you to customise an engagement that works for your unique situation.

Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions


Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions  Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions

Agilis is a process-driven methodology developed by Mackeen for implementing any product or solution. While there may not be a single approach for all customers, we have developed a proven methodology to ensure that each and every solution delivered meets the customer need.

Based on our long-term industry expertise, technology awareness and best practices, Agilis provides a customer-centric approach to today’s toughest cybersecurity issues. Using the Agilis methodology ensures that you benefit from the best practices tested in similar initiatives and incorporates your unique needs, thus offering the most beneficial outcomes possible:

  • Agile, innovative response
  • Higher project quality
  • Resilience and consistency throughout
  • Best-practice environments

Agilis is a 6 step solution-centric methodology consisting of:


Uncover the challenges to a customer’s cybersecurity needs


Develop the roadmap to successful implementation


Develop, customize and test our technologies in the customer enviroment.


The solutions developed are applied to real-world tasks.


Continuously optimise the solutions and train your team for success.